The Witcher 4: What we know so far

As fans eagerly await the release of The Witcher 4, rumors and speculation continue to circulate about what the game will entail. From the return of beloved characters to the introduction of new plotlines, there's a lot to be excited about. So, what do we know so far about The Witcher 4?

The Witcher 4 is officially in development

It's official: The Witcher 4 is in development. CD Projekt Red, the game's developers, have confirmed that they're working on a new Witcher game. This was confirmed in 2019 by CD Projekt Red's CEO Adam Kiciński, who stated that there would be more Witcher games in the future.

Geralt might not be the main protagonist

One of the biggest questions surrounding The Witcher 4 is who will be the main protagonist. Geralt of Rivia has been the main character in the previous three games, as well as the Netflix series. However, it's not clear whether he will return as the main character.

One possibility is that Ciri, Geralt's protege, will take over as the main character. This has been hinted at by Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the original Witcher novels. In an interview with Eurogamer, he stated that Ciri was a good candidate for the main character in any future games.

The game will probably be set after the events of The Witcher 3

Another question is when The Witcher 4 will be set. It's likely that the game will be set after the events of The Witcher 3. This is because CD Projekt Red has stated that they want to create a "seamless" experience for players who have played the previous games.

The game will likely feature multiple playable characters

Another possibility is that The Witcher 4 will feature multiple playable characters. This would be a departure from the previous games, where Geralt was the sole playable character. One potential candidate for a playable character is Ciri, as mentioned earlier.

There will definitely be new locations

Another thing we know for sure about The Witcher 4 is that there will be new locations. CD Projekt Red has stated that they want to create a "rich, new world" for players to explore. This means that we can expect to see new lands, cities, and dungeons in the game.

There may be cameos from characters in the previous games

One thing that fans would love to see in The Witcher 4 is the return of beloved characters from the previous games. CD Projekt Red has hinted that there may be cameos from old characters, but they haven't confirmed this yet.

The game will probably be released on next-gen consoles

While CD Projekt Red hasn't confirmed which platforms The Witcher 4 will be released on, it's likely that it will be released on next-gen consoles. This means that players can expect better graphics and faster load times.

We don't know when the game will be released

One thing that we don't know yet is when The Witcher 4 will be released. CD Projekt Red has stated that it's still in the early stages of development, so it could be several years before we see the game released.

Final thoughts

While we don't know everything about The Witcher 4 yet, there's still a lot to be excited about. From the potential return of beloved characters to the introduction of new plotlines, it's clear that the game will continue to captivate players. As we wait for more information about The Witcher 4, fans of the series can continue to speculate and dream about what's to come.

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